The WA97 and NA57 experiments


Study of strange and multi-strange baryon production in lead-lead collisions


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Federico Antinori
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Vito Manzari
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Emanuele Quercigh
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CERN for the general public
An introduction to heavy-ion collisions from the ALICE pages
The ALICE experiment

Sulphur beam experiments:


Main experimental results:

Strangeness enhancement grows with the strangeness of the produced hadron.
Up to a factor 20 for the Omega baryons!

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Strangeness enhancements

Production of particles carrying 1, 2 and 3 units of strangeness is measured as a function of event centrality.

Energy dependence

NA57 Λ, Ξ and Ω yields measured at 40 A GeV/c and 160 A GeV/c lead-lead interactions.

Nuclear modification factors

Nuclear modification factors is an efficient way to display distinctions between nuclear medium effects and plain superpositions of nucleon-nucleon collisions.
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